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Summer is the time when most people start going out for events, travel, or just for fun. It is only natural to want to enjoy your sports car during the warm weather, but it is important to understand some of the unique situations that can occur during the summer. READ MORE >>

Unfortunately, insurance coverage is not permanent. Even more importantly, you should never assume that by paying money toward premiums for an insurance policy that it cannot be cancelled. After all, your insurance company may decide not to allow the driver to renew their contract when the contract ends. READ MORE >>

What is an act of God? Most definitions use language like, "an unavoidable catastrophe caused by nature" and "something that alters events in a way outside of human control." As you may expect, it has nothing to do with believing a supreme being is a causal factor, but simply refers to unexpected situations and disasters that cannot be controlled, usually related to the natural world. READ MORE >>

The main factor that sets usage based car insurance policies apart from regular insurance policies is how the premium for usage based policies is determined.  The amount of premium paid for usage based car insurance policies is dependent on the type of car you drive, the amount of hours you ... READ MORE >>

It can be overwhelming to shop for auto insurance, given the number of insurance agencies and the wide array of products available. From online price wars to cash incentives offered by some of the biggest auto insurance brands, it’s not uncommon for a vehicle owner to make a decision based on misinformation, rather than facts. READ MORE >>

If you're wondering what exactly your auto insurance covers when it comes to other people driving your car, that's perfectly understandable. Questions such as, "Should I let my friend drive my car?" and, "Does my insurance cover other drivers too?" are very common. READ MORE >>

You have leased a car, but how do you insure it? It might be easier to stick with the same insurance company that you use for the car you own, but it may not always be the most cost effective choice for your coverage. Sometimes it may be best to look at other companies and see if you can find lower rates. READ MORE >>

We love referrals! The greatest testament that our customers can provide is by referring their friends and family to True Rate Insurance Agency. Refer a Friend and this is what You get: 2 Free Lotto tickets for EVERY referral Be entered to win in our monthly drawing for 2 Free Movie Tickets BONUS: If your friend buys a policy with us, you get $20! READ MORE >>

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